Lead Generation Specialist

  • Marketing
  • Bangkok, Thailand

Lead Generation Specialist

Job description

  • Identify new lead sources and acquire leads:
    • a. Get in touch with governmental organizations
    • b. Get in touch with private companies, chambers of commerce, etc.
    • c. Purchase or extract companies and their information from websites. This might require the development of scraping tools to:
      • i. Collect data from specific website
      • ii. Scrape Google search results iii. Scrape LinkedIn for relevant contact people iv. etc.
  • Enrich company information with necessary information (tax ID, contact details, etc.)
    • a. Extract information from relevant sources. Again, this might require the development of scraping tools
  • Database management
    • a. Ensure the cleanliness and tidiness of the internal database
    • b. Remove duplicates
    • c. Ensure consistency of contact information
    • d. Ensure consistency of data input
    • e. Track utilization rate of leads by offline sales team
    • f. Always keep new leads ready, in case a batch is not performing so well
  • Lead quality analytics
    • a. Together with sales team, track the quality of leads:
      • i. Contact ability
      • ii. Interest
      • iii. Sales performance
    • b. Strategically target highest potential target audiences for lead generation
    • c. Identify measures to raise the quality of leads
  • Process improvement
    • a. Design structures and processes to maximize the efficiency of the lead generation process through for example:
      • i. integration between scrapers and database
      • ii. Speed, reliability, and quality of scrapers
    • b. Improve communication and feedback loops with sales team
    • c. Integrate outbound sales with automated online marketing (Google Adwords, Facebook, email marketing)
    • d. Take advantage of overlap between sales and customer service


  • Education: At least Bachelor. A marketing/business/finance field is preferred.
  • Experience: 1 or 2 years of working experience preferable
  • Skills & Knowledge: Product management skills, database management skills, analytical skills (medium-to-high), process improvement mindset